iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max! Which Should You Buy?

13 okt 2020
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NEW iPhone 12 vs 12 Mini vs iPhone 12 Pro vs 12 Pro Max Comparison. Is iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max Worth a $300 Premium? Which Should You Buy & Why.
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iPhone 12 Pro features recap.

  • Tim Cook should do this explanation at the end of the event,btw You Nailed it bro

    Akash SinghAkash Singh7 minuter sedan
  • What are you talking about at 1:50, there is no 4k 120fps and 240 fps shooting

    罗正元罗正元8 minuter sedan
  • 2:16 Mmmm stainless steel is so delicious

    EP filmsEP films11 minuter sedan
  • bruh what do u say about not having chargers and earbuds in the box

    gianluca fabbrigianluca fabbri11 minuter sedan
  • so iphone 12 pro is the same sizes as the iPhone 11 pro max and the iPhone 12 pro max is bigger???

  • Looks good that

    Jake CleveleysJake CleveleysTimme sedan
  • Can you buy me a iPhone 12 please please I watch your videos all times your aswome 🤩🤩😁😁

    Benjamin MoralesBenjamin MoralesTimme sedan
  • I dont need a new phone and I prefer android anyway... why am I watching this??

    definitely not clickbaitdefinitely not clickbaitTimme sedan
  • Iphone 12 is really junk.

    h02h02Timme sedan
  • Want more on 12 pro max

    Craig Leidig JrCraig Leidig Jr2 timmar sedan
  • I have iPhone 6 and I want to upgrade but I am confused about choosing iPhone 12 or 12 pro.

    Abdulmohsen HussainAbdulmohsen Hussain2 timmar sedan
  • I believe next year Apple with ship iphones with out a phone in the box for less environmental waste

    Joshua GaoJoshua Gao2 timmar sedan
  • Neither of them

    lovelaugh89lovelaugh893 timmar sedan
  • none

    David JohnsonDavid Johnson3 timmar sedan
  • very much here for this in depth review which was super easy to understand video! thank you!

    Christina RotondoChristina Rotondo3 timmar sedan
  • Dude, you can’t upload a video discussing which device to buy while you actually haven’t had hands on them! Seriously now?!

    Hasan HawariHasan Hawari3 timmar sedan
  • I just love iPhone products

    Ybr Monilord JrYbr Monilord Jr4 timmar sedan
  • 1:25 So funny

    Savannah VanderbeckSavannah Vanderbeck4 timmar sedan
  • Looks delicious 😂🤣😂😋

    Ethel's DiaryEthel's Diary4 timmar sedan
  • Who else is a Samsung Person instead of Apple? :3

    Alexei JeffreysAlexei Jeffreys4 timmar sedan
  • I will buy a professional dslr or mirrorless cameras than phone cameras.. I am done with phone cameras👍

    Ranjit KRRanjit KR5 timmar sedan
  • 👋 are you going to release a rebel iPhone 12 mini case? Thanks

    Danny ShuDanny Shu5 timmar sedan
  • Me watching this on my iPhone 6S: 👁👄👁

    Kenny SkatesKenny Skates5 timmar sedan
  • New Chartbuster Song Out Now: seworld.info/will/pW2uqK2sb6yfyWQ/video

    Bhavnish sareenBhavnish sareen5 timmar sedan
  • I’ll make this comment quick since my phone is about to die. Although the

    RevoRevo5 timmar sedan
  • I'm curious regardinng to the magnet. Would it ruin other devices that are close to it?

    herbert yaoherbert yao5 timmar sedan
  • Same phone, bigger price 😁 all who have iPhones and buy everitime when new comes, yours IQ - 12 pro max

    LtdrifT LTLtdrifT LT6 timmar sedan
  • Apple 12 you can't not compare with the s20. 1. Screen 2.ram 3.gb 4.scanner 5.price And again 2020, Samsung wins! Eat it 🍎🍏

    KEN-RICK LeeflangKEN-RICK Leeflang6 timmar sedan
  • Who is this guy?

    Nihil ModhiyaNihil Modhiya6 timmar sedan
  • Can you please enlighten me because I have 11 pro max so would you recommend upgrading to 12 pro? Thank you so much

    Alex RagosAlex Ragos6 timmar sedan
  • How does everyone afford these phones? I just got my iPhone 7 last year.

    AdánAdán6 timmar sedan
  • why does the pc behind him look like a cheese grater😭

    Reema mReema m7 timmar sedan
  • LOL, Not even mentioned that the 120 Hz refresh rate is completely missing -> maybe you forget it, isn’t....

    Renato SciariniRenato Sciarini7 timmar sedan
  • Nice 👍

    nav navinav navi7 timmar sedan
  • 1:25 So funny

    cj myerscj myers7 timmar sedan
  • in Poland we need to pay 23% tax. so it is around 1350 USD for base iphone 12 pro.

    CasualYoutuberCasualYoutuber7 timmar sedan
  • U look skinny n fit.

    RodyRody8 timmar sedan
  • Ok now can u redo the video in English ? Idk what this means

    Aaliyah GarciaAaliyah Garcia8 timmar sedan
  • last time you'll ever see me..

    minij hooiminij hooi8 timmar sedan
  • I don’t know what color I should get. The new blue or graphite maybe white to

    ALecKs _ALecKs _8 timmar sedan
  • When will be the iphone 12 pro max cases available? :)

    J LegendJ Legend9 timmar sedan
  • Want to see rebel case work with MagSafe

    Jason ChinJason Chin9 timmar sedan
  • No 4K 120 FPS or 240FPS

    krishi raykrishi ray10 timmar sedan
    • Thats Colour Is Pacific Blue

      minij hooiminij hooi8 timmar sedan
  • 王守义:十三香!

    赵宇夫赵宇夫10 timmar sedan
  • All this and it’s still not waterproof come on it’s 2020 guys

    Dwayne JohnsonDwayne Johnson10 timmar sedan
  • Are you sure prices are fine Check indian price

    Rishi SinghalRishi Singhal10 timmar sedan
  • Me watching which iPhone should I buy ? my wallet : hold on boie.

    Nikhil BasnetNikhil Basnet11 timmar sedan
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    Ruby PareekRuby Pareek11 timmar sedan
  • 2:15 So shiny, it looks delicious🤩😍😩

    BryanTheManXP LifeBryanTheManXP Life11 timmar sedan
  • No matter what color or material, they all ended up in cases so it doesnt matter. I prefer apple to use plastic to lighten the weight and lower the price.

    ShemShem11 timmar sedan
  • @1:52 I think you meant to say new slow motion capability is 1080 120/240. It doesn’t shoot 4K 120/240.

  • Camera camera camera who gives a shit. Literally no one. No one cares about camera upgrades it’s apparently all they did and ever do.

    Jason CarpenterJason Carpenter11 timmar sedan
  • Do a drop test with every iPhone

    Lamont HillLamont Hill11 timmar sedan
  • I still can’t believe the cases aren’t going to be available or at least the leather ones that I always get. I was chatting with Apple last night and they told me if I was planning on Apple leather case probably need to have a backup case if you plan to have one on launch day even in November for the pro max which is what I’m getting.

    Billy KellerBilly Keller11 timmar sedan
  • are y’all crazy wake up!!!! y’all about to buy a phone that comes with no charger that’s ridiculous!!

    HoNeYbUnJaYHoNeYbUnJaY12 timmar sedan
  • I only came here to watch people fighting over iphone vs Samsung

    Arsh XArsh X13 timmar sedan
  • Thats Colour Is Pacific Blue

    Animé GaláxyAnimé Galáxy13 timmar sedan
  • no thanks i’m sticking with my iphone 11 pro

    Lani MercadoLani Mercado13 timmar sedan
  • Apple says: ” Every New I Phone will make a Major Upgrade” when we just need a phone that we can just call and search on the web, and download games/ apps, on the apple ” App Store.” Do you think I'm right? Does anyone get me? If so, please reply to this comment.

    Roblox TherapyRoblox Therapy13 timmar sedan
  • Apple took an L

    Jonathan Medina BerioJonathan Medina Berio14 timmar sedan
  • They aren’t selling a new Iphone ! They are selling you 5G 😤😤😤

    ThirdEYE InsomniaThirdEYE Insomnia14 timmar sedan
  • Bruh I preordered the 12 pro and it’s not coming until November 6-13

    kxngsxlarkxngsxlar15 timmar sedan
  • Connect a USB killer onto a USB killer But with no explosion

    HalOfManageHalOfManage15 timmar sedan
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    James RyanJames Ryan15 timmar sedan
  • I made my choice .. definitely .... OnePlus 8 Pro or Xperia 1 II .. this iphone crap isn't for me

    yacine ELBAHRAOUIyacine ELBAHRAOUI16 timmar sedan
  • Really the only difference between the 12 and 12 pros is the cameras now and the new sensors, imo I’ll wait to next year maybe there will b break throughs rn the cheaper models just caught up with the pros

    Stay Swervin’Stay Swervin’16 timmar sedan
  • can you use a iphone 12 pro screen protector on a iphone 11 pro

    ira chaimovitsira chaimovits16 timmar sedan
  • I thought that was a Cheese grater behind him 😂

    Savage LucasSavage Lucas16 timmar sedan
  • Apple has the money and technology to produce a phone that would knock you out of your socks!! Instead they dangle a new feature under your nose every year knowing you will take the bait! They are playing us for suckers! 🤔

    Ed CharlesEd Charles16 timmar sedan
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    Joyce RouseJoyce Rouse16 timmar sedan
  • How about iPhone 12 pro max have dual SIM card ???

    Bapin KarBapin Kar17 timmar sedan
  • This Guy is a undercover Apple employee

    Epic GammerEpic Gammer17 timmar sedan
  • Apple said : “iphone 12 without headset and adapter to save enviroment. “ Question: why they sold it seperately? Apple said : “ customer can use lightning cable with old adapter “ Question : is the old adapter came with Usb C to lightning? **** They just want to make money from customers , not saving enviroment ****

    Giải TríGiải Trí17 timmar sedan
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    Kennedy JudeKennedy Jude18 timmar sedan
  • Iphone mini is waste of money 💰

    The Milky WayThe Milky Way18 timmar sedan
  • I promised myself to keep my 7 plus till apple gets rid of the notch and it seems like i gonna keep it for a while now.

    Christian B.Christian B.18 timmar sedan
  • Apple🍎 should make an (iPhone Mini Pro Max), a small iPhone with the best specs.

    GoldenHeart BoyGoldenHeart Boy18 timmar sedan
  • I just ordered the I phone 12 pro in pacific Blue . I currently have the I phone XR in Blue . I got a really good deal from My phone company in Canada. That’s why I purchased this new phone . I’m going to give my I phone XR to sister . She has the I phone 5 . So small . Looking forward to seeing how this I phone performs. The only down side is head phones and charger .........I’ve been using APPLE 🍎 for along time . I like how this phone looks .

    Jessica k.Jessica k.19 timmar sedan
  • Dude where do I buy the same RED SEAT??

    Lukasz PLukasz P19 timmar sedan
  • Where did that video of the April fool AirPower funeral with you dressed as Tim Cook go?

    domtorquedomtorque19 timmar sedan
  • All this money for the iPhone 12 and they don't even throw in the apple watch or even airpods. And they take away wire charging. Yeah..this is a piece of shit phone. I'll probably just get the iPhone 11.

    LifeOfNateLifeOfNate19 timmar sedan
  • Here I am in 2020 and using iPhone 7 because I’m broke.

    SunLiGHTSunLiGHT19 timmar sedan
  • Send one to me as a gift

    Oussama ProOussama Pro20 timmar sedan
  • When is your case for the iPhone 12 pro coming out?

    Tyler WardTyler Ward20 timmar sedan
  • I love all this tech talk but I couldn’t stop looking at those arms 😭

    SnDcAmPeRSnDcAmPeR20 timmar sedan
  • Keep up the gainz bro

    Hafiz SyafizanHafiz Syafizan20 timmar sedan
  • I have a question. I have an iPhone 8 and the back camera is shaking and making noise. Does that mean I need to get it replaced? I don’t want to spend a fortune on this phone bc I won’t have it much longer.

    C is for ClaireC is for Claire20 timmar sedan
  • Who else us confused here😂😂

    Zubeir OmarZubeir Omar20 timmar sedan
  • Should I get the iPhone 12 pro or the 12 pro Max ?I’m stuck best ten choices !

    Kevin SernaKevin Serna21 timme sedan
    • If you okay with the big size/weight so the Pro Max.

      Shay FlaxmanShay Flaxman17 timmar sedan
  • Who can guess how many iphones does he have? I bet, he can put an Apple outlet store to shame lol!

    Frank SzFrank Sz21 timme sedan
  • I personally can say i love the notch a lot of people dont tho

    MoneyGG YTMoneyGG YT21 timme sedan
  • I ll get my 12 pro at 21 October

    Real-Trashor__Real-Trashor__22 timmar sedan
  • Are you single lolol

    Isaiah ManchaIsaiah Mancha22 timmar sedan
  • I like 12 pro black one

    Best BoyBest Boy22 timmar sedan
  • 12pro

    Best BoyBest Boy22 timmar sedan
  • Wahoo my dream😴💭 iPhone📱😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    dinesh kamal chettidinesh kamal chetti22 timmar sedan
  • Sorry, but why would you possible attach a magnet to your iPhone to charge it when it can charge wireless? That's is so damn stupid. They were looking for a "new" feature which they just couldn't find.

    KratosKratos22 timmar sedan
  • Can i get one? 🙂

    Adriane E. DisabilleAdriane E. Disabille22 timmar sedan
  • Can’t wait to snag these bad boys in 2 years when I’m eligible for an upgrade😂

    Joe FrondozoJoe Frondozo22 timmar sedan
  • Garbage. Choose none.

    sasuke dadsasuke dad22 timmar sedan